100 Club

We have introduced the 100 Club – it’s a great way to make money for the scout group but also gives you, our wonderful community, a chance of winning some money too!

Here’s how it works. Imagine a grid with 100 squares on it – each of the squares has a number from 1-100. You buy a square for £1 which then has your name on it and no-one else can buy that square. Then, at the end of the month, half of the money raised will be given to support the scout group, and half of the money raised will be given out in cash prizes.
We’ll then randomly draw out 3 numbers from the squares that have been bought and those lucky winners will each get some money!

So, if we sell all 100 tickets, we’ll raise £1200 over the year. £600 will go to support the Scout group fundraising efforts and £600 will be given in cash prizes. Prizes each month will depend on the number of tickets sold during that month.

It’s a win win – you buy a ticket, which will be really helping to buy things for our beloved scout group, and you also have a chance of winning a nice bit of cash for your piggy bank!

To buy a ticket just click the “buy lottery ticket” button and complete the form.

We’ll announce all the winners at the end of the month!     

December 2023 Winners:

1st Mrs West

2nd Mr Owen

3rd Mrs Stables

Terms, Conditions and Rules

Small Lottery Licence with City of York Council 071730