Scout Camp Equipment List

Scout Camp (unless specific instructions are needed you will not get a kit list) 

Minimum Recommended

Sleeping bag 2-3 season MINIMUM Sleeping bag (3-4 Seasons recommended)
Roll Mat  (Self inflating Roll Mat recommended)
Rucksack to put it all in (60 litre) (Hike adjustable 60-80 litre rucksack recommended)
Waterproof Coat
Waterproof Over trousers
Enough clothes for 1 outfit per day
Sleeping attire
Hat and Gloves
Scout activity trousers
Walking shoesWaterproof walking boots
Indoor Shoes
Additional spare shoes or trainers
Thick Socks (plenty) Walking socks
Wash kit
Camping plate or mess tin, cup, cutlery.
Drinks bottle
Tea Towel
Torch (Headtorch recommended not a phone)
1 Black binbag (For dirty clothes)
Cakes (everybody loves cakes)

 A small daysack containing (This is not the bag with their clothes in):

Full set of waterproofs
Water Bottle
A snack if wanted
Inhaler if needed

Additional items the scouts may want to bring:

Mobile phone (Unless we say not to) – these are taken off the scouts on a night and not allowed in the tents. 
Small Penknife or scout knife 
any of the Bear Grylls type survival kits

Advice on equipment

Buy the best you can afford, if you are unsure ask a scout leader or go for the D of E recommended kit. for walking boots check out second hand pairs on facebook (we are hoping to start a selling page for parents of the group), children’s feet grow quickly. 
Go outdoors offer discount to scout discount if you sign into OSM or take a Necker.
At go outdoors freedomtrail is the same company as Peter Storm. the kit is identical and a lot cheaper.

Suitcases are not appropriate for scout camp and any bag with wheels is a suitcase. the reason for us using rucksacks are that the scouts can carry them to site on their backs whilst carrying other equipment, they take up less room in the tents and once they move up to explorers or start their DofE they will need to walk with their kit so will need to know how to pack it.

Jeans are not appropriate to hike in, they rub when wet and will leave sore legs.
Puffa (down) jackets are not waterproof and completely inappropriate for scout activities they hold water and are extremely flammable. 

We will be doing work on packing rucksacks on a scout night and will be putting a video on here to help. 

We do not put these lists up to make parents buy lots of equipment. we camp all weathers and throughout the year, in cubs they sleep indoors, we generally don’t. the scouts also do a lot of hiking. something they may not have done in Cubs. we aim to keep the children safe and warm therefore we need the correct equipment.