Beaver Uniform

Beavers wear a uniform which consists of:

– Beaver Blue sweatshirt

– Beaver Blue T-Shirt (Optional) 

– Navy blue Scout activity trousers or black/grey school trousers(the activity trousers also form part of the Scouts uniform but are optional)

– Shoes suitable for the event

These are available online (search for ‘Beavers Uniform’) and the Scout shop

Badges on sleeves should be centred on the outside of the sleeve, not facing forwards as the diagram suggests.
For Staged Activity badges, only the highest level award for each activity should be worn.
For Leadership Stripes, only the highest level should be worn.
When moving from Beavers to Cubs, or Cubs to Scouts: the highest level of Staged Activity badge,
the highest level of Joining In badge,
the highest level of Chief Scout’s Award can be transferred to the new uniform.